Our Playability Guarantee
You won't believe the conditions of Jade Trace Golf Skills Development Center. The greens are rolling better than they have in 20 years (or so we've been told). Come by and give it a whirl. If you are not satisfied with the course and what you paid to play, then you tell us what you think it was worth and pay only that amount.

Welcome to

Jade Trace Par 3 Golf Course and Golf Skills Development Center

Become a better golfer.


Jade Trace Par 3 Course at The Mystic Meadows is a 9 hole Par 3 Course. It was built by the Army Core of Engineers in 1960. The course is reminiscent of a Donald Ross push up green style course.

When we purchased the course in 2009, it had been abandoned for about 2 years, the grass was 4 feet tall and it was in need of some TLC. Since our acquisition, we have repaired the irrigation system and have been nursing the greens back to health.
We have added a few bunkers...and each year the greens are getting better and better thanks to the help of Mother Nature.

Parents dine while the kids play 9!

When Spring arrives, Tuesday-Thursdays 4-6pm, dine at Tavern 27 while your kids golf and 15% of your guest check is credited towards their golf fees. Junior Green Fees are $6, rentals* included if needed.



Golf Course and Short Range Usage Fees

$9 for Adults for 9 holes $15 for 18 holes
$6 for Juniors(13-under) and Seniors (65 and over) $9 for 18 holes

Skills Development Range
Short Irons only.

Whereas most ranges mimic only tee shots, the Golf Skills Development Walk Around Range here features, side hill lies, uphill and downhill lies as well as a variety of grass length conditions.

Add the element of pressure to your practice by playing a game that focuses on The Golfshot Jackpot Target. The netted target moves locations daily from 80 yards to 130 yards away. Land a shot in the net and win the Golfshot Jackpot Prize du Jour. *Restrictions may apply.

The Walk Around Range is also available for the use of longer clubs as golfers develop stronger skills for consistantly hitting a ball to a target.

Please take advantage of a complimentary visit with our Pro before hitting anything longer than a short iron.

Developing Golfers
The 2014 Developing Golfer Usage Fee is $15 an hour and includes unlimited range balls, unlimited green fee, and a periodic watching eye from our teaching professional to help guide your practice and play. (only available by appointment)



Private Golf Lessons & Clinics